Nadège Mouyssinat

Nadège Mouyssinat was born in 1984 in Toulouse (France). She studied art and art history at the University of Bordeaux then in Limoges. She has evolved for 10 years in the demanding world of luxury items, as a designer for porcelain factories of Limoges. The technical mastery and the sublimation of the material are there omnipresent. She uses porcelain and an old know-how very anchored in a territory (Limoges), initially intended for the mass production. She creates a sensual, organic and mysterious universe. The esthetics of the shapes developped by her is the fruit of a research fuelled by literature, by history, by legends.

"In my artistic practise, I highlight a virtuoso execution, which aims at the perfect, at the mastered. This work is much more than a stylistic exercise, this cold and ossified sensualism of the artwork " well executed " has an assumed place in my artistic approach. I like echoing it with the doubt, the "not indentifiable", the Mysterious, in the style of predatory or poisonous flowers which have only their beauty to attract their preys. The "Beautiful", the vibration which it exudes, the attraction and the distancing which it causes, is a central questioning in my work.”