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NIKOLAI MAKAROV - Charity Auction for Haiti!!!

24beaubourg & Mario Bermel are pleased to announce that Nikolai Makarov participates at the Charity Auction organized by the Rotary Club - Paris Champs Elysées.

The Charity Auction is to help the organization "SOS enfants du monde". This Charity Auction is an initiative to help education and catering for pupils at the Center Saint Jean Bosco in Jérémie, Haiti.

The artworks by all participating artists will be on display from 12 pm on November 21st, 2017 at 24beaubourg.

The Charity Auction will be organized by the auction house Cornette de Saint-Cyr.

We hope that you all take part and contribute for better life and future of Haiti.



24, rue Beaubourg

75003 Paris

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