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BvL starts a partnership with the prestigious Japanese Gallery A Lighthouse called Kanata

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery is thrilled to start a partnership with the prestigious gallery

A Lighthouse called Kanata from Tokyo, Japan.

Wahei Aoyama, Owner and director of A Lighthouse called Kanata, Courtesy of A Lighthouse called Kanata

A Lighthouse called Kanata belongs to the scene of the finest, leading and international galleries in Tokyo.

The gallery is specialized in contemporary Japanese arts and represents the most talented artists and some of them are considered as Living National Treasures.

A Lighthouse called Kanata's dedication for the highest quality can be seen at world-class art fairs such as TEFAF, Masterpiece London...

We are very happy to welcome Kosuke KATO for the next highlight exhibition EQUILIBRIUM this September in Berlin.

More about EQUILIBRIUM will be revealed over this summer...

Stay tuned!

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