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BvL welcomes Japanese artist Kosuke KATO

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery is delighted to share that this September 2020 for the

GALLERY WEEKEND and BERLIN ART WEEK, we will be showing one of the greatest talents of Japan.

Kosuke Kato, Courtesy of A Lighthouse called Kanata

"Kosuke Kato (1988- ) of Kanagawa is one of the youngest artists at A Lighthouse called Kanata, and represents an up-and-coming generation of metal artists in Japan who, while understanding and embracing the storied traditions of metal within Japanese history, strive for new vistas never before seen in their respective materials. From samurai swords to armour, from tea ceremony ware to ceremonial vessels, the material of metal has long been engrained in the national consciousness as only second to ceramics, a more physically tactile and utilitarian material, and the material of Damascus has no true roots in this island nation’s history. In this light, Kato wields the metal that is Damascus steel with a minimal elegance, transforming the austere and medieval material into a compelling medium for contemporary art. In Kato’s metal facades are the seven seas of serenity, an eternal loop that plays on and on, his minimal silhouettes sharp and accentuating the raw beauty of Damascus in splendour aplenty. With his feature work at his debut exhibition at Yufuku in the summer of 2016 being acquired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kosuke Kato’s metal path is quickly being forged internationally."

(A Lighthouse called Kanata)

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