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BvL - Representation of Japanese artist Masaya HASHIMOTO

BvL is delighted to announce the representation of the Japanese sculptor Masaya HASHIMOTO in Germany.

BvL is already working with Masaya Hashimoto on an upcoming and important Museum exhibition in Germany.

Masaya Hashimoto, Courtesy of Masaya Hashimoto

Masaya Hashimoto’s (1978- ) career as a sculptor goes back to his experience traveling deep in the mountains of India in the year 2000. There he picked up and polished a piece of driftwood found along a river, and was fascinated by the way in which the inherent qualities of a natural object could be brought out by the hand of man. Since then, as he draws forth the forms of his sculpture, he has single-mindedly sought to penetrate the depths of both the materials and subjects he takes on. In recent years, he has used deer antler and bone to craft delicate sculptures of the flowers he finds himself surrounded by in everyday life, such as daffodils and cherry blossoms, and has also created a number of sculptures in wood.

Masaya Hashimoto is attracting attention in recent years with his works which transfers the forms of common plants with elaborate detail using bones and antlers of Japanese deers as the material.

Major exhibitions of his work include the 2012 Seed With No Shell at the prestigious London Gallery in Tokyo, 2014 Hashimoto Masaya- The Space Between Things at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, and 2017 Stories of Substance at Takamatsu Municipal Museum.

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery was delighted to show the first exhibition of Masaya Hashimoto last September 2020 in Germany including rare and precious sculptures during the GALLERY WEEEKEND and the BERLIN ART WEEK. Selected artworks were revealed to the public during the highlight exhibition EQUILIBRIUM.

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