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Nadège MOUYSSINAT - SOLO SHOW "The Tipping Point"

French talent Nadège MOUYSSINAT is selected by a passionate German art collector and patron in Berlin to have a solo show with the title THE TIPPING POINT (Le point de bascule) in the historic and marvelous VILLA FRANCKE in POTSDAM. We would like to thank this dedicated art collector for his incredible support. Brand new artworks and installations by Nadège Mouyssinat will be revealed to the public.

Villa Francke, dating back to 1873/1874, Courtesy of Ein zweiter Blick

Villa Francke is becoming in the very near future the new cultural hub in Potsdam!

For more information about Villa Francke:

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery will organize a charity for this unique and parallel event during the Berlin Art Week. Bermel von Luxburg Gallery and the artist Nadège Mouyssinat have decided to contribute for five selected charities with the sold artworks. Although a young artist and young gallery are facing challenging times, we felt the necessity to reward and give our society something back.

This special event is only accessible with reservations beforehand.

Nadège Mouyssinat will also be part of the next highlight group exhibition EQUILIBRIUM in our gallery on the Fasanenstrasse.

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