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Bermel von Luxburg Gallery is honored to start a collaboration with international art advisor and art market expert Ms. CAROLINA CONFORTI.

BvL joins the international art market network of Ms. Conforti with her successfull international podcast series ART TALKS.

Our first podcast will be live on the 18th of May from 7 to 8 pm!


Art Talk: Young Galleries in Berlin - A new generation in the art market

Fashion meets Art

The Art Talks are delighted to welcome you all in another inspiring Art Talk with Mario Bermel who will guide us through his exhibition on “Fashion meets Art“ :

AMAZONEN! The artworks of the 7 female artists: Cecilia Kliche, Weronika Lucinska, Luise Makarov, Susanne Rottenbacher, Bozena Sacharczuk, Regina Sell, Sibylle Wagner (07.04. - 11.06.2022)

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery creates a unique happening under the theme FASHION MEETS ART.

It will be on display at the gallery and at the luxurious fashion boutique of VIOLA BALLIN. The artworks by the 7 female artists can be admired simultaneously in dialogue with Viola Ballin’s exquisite and exclusive fashion.

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery is honored to collaborate with Viola Ballin to bring innovative ideas to highlight and promote Art & Fashion in a unique way.

Berlin becomes this spring again the hottest place for contemporary art and attracts international art collectors from over all the world.

Register and listen our live podcast on the 18th of May from 7 to 8 pm under:

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