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Bermel von Luxburg Gallery is honored to be selected and nominated as ContemporaryArt Curator & Advisor for the contemporary art section of the new Samurai Art Museum Berlin.

Sylwia Makris - Rei (Etikette) Mann, Series Die 7 Tugenden, Big scale photography on canvas, 2021

© Sylwia Makris

BvL would like to express our gratitude to the German art collector Mr. PETER JANSSEN for building and presenting his stunning art collection about Samurai Art.

Mr. Janssen opened his private SAMURAI ART MUSEUM BERLIN and unveiled his world-class Samurai Art Collection at the VIP Opening Ceremony on Friday the 6th of May 2022. BvL is delighted to work with Alexander Jöchl, Director of the Samurai Art Museum, and the fantastic Museum Team. We all share our passion and fascination for Japan and put all our strength together in order to promote Japanese culture in Berlin.

BvL will advise with our expertise and international network the Samurai Art Museum Berlin and showcase international artists and keep a link with the international contemporary art.

Japanese sculptor Masaya Hashimoto

For the Grand Opening exhibition of the Samurai Art Museum Berlin, BvL is showing Japanese sculptors MASAYA HASHIMOTO and KOSUKE KATO in dialogue with Polish artist SYLWIA MAKRIS.

Japanese sculptor Kosuke Kato The Samurai Art Museum is now open for the public and we are all looking forward to welcoming you! Opening days of the Samurai Art Museum Berlin: Monday to Sunday from 11 to 7 pm. Address: Samurai Art Museum Berlin Augustrasse 68 10117 Berlin For more information:

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