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Nadège MOUYSSINAT - Musée de Sèvres

BvL was honoured to be invited with French rising star Nadège MOUYSSINAT for a private meeting at the Musée National de la Manufacture de Sèvres.

Nadège Mouyssinat standing in front of the Musée National de la Manufacture de Sèvres and looking into a bright future...

BvL congratulates Nadège Mouyssinat for her upcoming project at the Musée de Sèvres at the end of September 2022, where she will present a large installation specially designed for part 2 of the group exhibition "Living Forms". BvL is delighted to support and assist Nadège Mouyssinat in this great new adventure.

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery would like to thank the Director of the Musée de Sèvres Ms. Valérie Jonca and the curator for contemporary art Ms. Judith Cernagora for the personal meeting, warm and incredible VIP welcoming.

Nadège Mouyssinat and BvL were honored to visit all parts of the Museum and to get an insight of all backstage parts of the Manufacture... what a special day!

Nadège Mouyssinat & Judith Cernagora in front of an unveiled Masterpiece by international star Johan Creten...

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